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Standard/blatant rules Empty Standard/blatant rules

Post  Andrew on Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:06 am

These terms entail a vast list of rules that must be consented for the availability of playing, declining the rules in anyway that will be seen will be resulting in a permanent ban or a temporary one.

* Racism is strictly prohibited any racism will result in temporary ban, at least.

* Any nudity or illicit material posted on the forums will be resulting in a permanent ban, this includes advertising.

* Unnecessary aspersions, insults and slander will be removed instantly, swearing
minorly is allowed but anything unnecessary is punishable.

* Abusing bugs or glitches and what not will result in extreme punishments, in most cases, a ban.

* Whilst debating no profanity shall be used unless you got a real reason for it, otherwise you will be punished.

* Also, please refrain from posting useless material or meaningless posts in general, it is only disturbing.

* Excessive posting to increase your post count is prohibited.

* Discussions of illegal activities is not allowed at all and all threads and posts will be removed and the member[s] punished.

* English is the only language spoken in the main parts of the forum, merely the free-language boards are for foreign languages.(When it will come)

* Moderators and administrators can deem anything inappropriate in subsequent actions even though it is not available on the rules list.

* Following all the standard and understandable rules is a must.

Yours sincerely, the Administrator team.

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