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Post  Andrew on Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:35 pm

Presuming demonical beasts/fiends are all the same is quite stupid. All demonical beings depic certain traits and some are vastly superior in certain areas, whilst some, extremely weak.

"Tainted" and "Demon" is a rather derogatory term which many do not prefer, even though admitting they are demons. Most demons are in fact, half-breeds, which means not of full-blood.

True demons were vastly powerful and therefore created the slangs that most demons nowadays abhor.

A True demon was said to have poisoned a human, therefore initiating a progress of demons which eventually evolved further. Vampires was easily the most notorious and most abhorred half-breed noted so far.

All demons are arguably stronger than human-beings, though individual powers vary between different demon species. The most blatant powers which almost all demons have are;

*Advanced strength, scaling all the way up to 12 times stronger than normal humans.

*All pre-existing attributes significantly elevated.

*Greater reflexes and durability.

*Immense speed and jump ability.

Albeit their significant attributes and outstanding traits most demons suffer from deformed bodies and faces, this is mostly due to them needing essential protection.

Demonical beings have loads of different ways of automatically protect themselves, many of those are the following;

*Scales of anykind

*Armored exoskeleton.

*Armored skin

*Skin made of natural protection((Rocks and similar stuff))

*Human-looking skin, merely tougher((Most notoriously for Vampires))


Half-demons were the breed of when two half-breeds mated. Most half-demons looked exactly like humans mostly except for minor traits as their eye's being perplexly colored and similar things.


Half-demon physiology grants them all of the common demonical powers without any of the demonical weaknesses.((If there are two different demons mating, the individual merely gain one of the demons physiology and abilities))

Also all senses and heightened powers of the demon, if it has any.

True Demons; "Merely those with death wishes would like to know about these nearly impervious creatures"

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