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What vampires are Empty What vampires are

Post  Andrew on Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:10 am

Vampires are in fact half-demons, they're heavily known as half-breeds, just as most demons. Vampires do though, in particular, exclude themselves from the normal demon list. Vampires instead, count themselves as a complete race, albeit consisting partly of a demonical being.

Vampires has specific extra abilities ((Read Markyto's thread about disciplines)) which increases their primary abilities or gives them extra powers.

The most prominent features most vampires have is their animalistic nature and survivability. Vampires are in fact, the most common demon and also perhaps one of the strongest.

Their most prominent ability they automatically possess, is their ability to regenerate perhaps swifter than any demon. Also, their strength increasing upon age.

Vampires demon part grant them enhanced abilities, mostly pertaining to the primary abilities, which basically results in a supernatural being.

Vampires are notoriously swift and agile, although this ranges quite heavily between the vampire and also between their age((Also between disciplines)).

Vampires strength is the most common attribute, which all vampires get heavily enhanced in.
They can acquire strength scaling all the way up to 6 times as strong as a human being, upon being sired. They also gain even more strength upon aging, albeit the limit of their age and strength increase is unknown. It's currently known as infinite so far.

Perhaps the most interesting and also strongest ability they have is their regeneration, which is far above the par amount of demons, if not topping the list completely of half-breeds.
It should be known that vampires also possess slightly stronger skin than ALL humans. Although perhaps above no demon, as their regeneration does the rest.

Vampires also gain heightened senses upon being sired.

Vampires are known to acquire increased powers upon aging, which is completely true.

What vampires fear most of all are Slayers, which are deadly humans consisting of a half-demon even stronger than the vampire((It should be noted that the vampire also gets stronger with age which CAN equalise the field)). Slayers full name is actually "Vampire-Slayers" although slaying much more than only vampires they're most notorious for that. There have been certain occasions where vampires have slain Slayers although, even those who have slain more than one, but these are really rare occasions as most Slayers succeed to kill many demons and vampires before perishing.

What most vampires also fear is the Order of moonlight, who concludes from evidence and facts if the Vampire has broken any vital or minor rules. If they do, it can even result in sentences far worse than just normal death.

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